Monday, May 18, 2009

My bike is coming notttt!!!!!!!!!!!

My bike is never going to come to me... My mom wont go get it with me... Sad wa wa wa well I did all sorts of stuff this weekend , Here is a list, I went to a concert. I tried to rip a piece of a front end of a front Axel, worked, I did all sorts of stuff.


  1. You're right, your bike isn't coming to you, you have to come to your bike! We have a "present" for you also, whenever you get here, and it's not your bike! What else did you do this weekend?

  2. Closed down the D.I. means I got there, @ around 4pm, and stayed until the store closed. I was in search of treasures. You know the drill! You'll have to wait until you get here to get your present, if I tell you what it is, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it? Jade assures me that you will like it though.

  3. You need to take a few pics of your bike and post still runs, doesn't it?